Mr. Malcolm W. “Mack” Martin is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Avauntis.  His previous position was as President and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the Greystones Group where he worked closely with the executive team and others to craft and communicate the company’s strategic vision and its direction, transforming this vision into the company’s long-term strategy for pioneering new markets and opportunities, and ensures the company’s short- and long-term growth. His direction had a direct impact over the evolution of the company’s products and services, and was key in aligning cross-company departments.

Prior to Greystones, Mr. Martin was the US Army Cyber Center of Excellence Chief, Cyber Support Element at Fort Leavenworth, KS.  As Chief, he was the primary liaison and advisor to the Commanding General and other key officials for decisions on how US Army Cyber Command and the Army Cyber Center of Excellence could most effectively apply cyber, electronic warfare (EW) and electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) technologies and methods to integrate the their full range of modernization and capability development solutions within the DoD. 

He was responsible for the identification and coordination of projects related to capability development activities within the cyber domain and electromagnetic spectrum, and for fostering key partnerships across US departments and agencies.

Mr. Martin is a retired US Naval Flight Officer and Electronic Warfare Officer with operational deployments on nuclear submarines, carriers and expeditionary aviation squadrons supporting coalition ground forces.  He has accumulated over 3000 flight hours in Naval and joint aircraft to include over 2600 in the EA-6B Prowler.

Mr. Martin holds Masters degrees in Information Technology Management, Aviation & Aerospace Science, is a graduate of the US Army Command and General Staff College and has received numerous awards and accolades to include Superior Civilian Service Awards, Meritorious Service Medals, Air Medals with Combat “V” for Valor, Commendation Medals and Achievement medals.